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17 Reasons why YOU should sign up for the 2017 CrossFit Games Open

  1. It’s fun! Yes the workouts are hard and you might not feel like burpees and thrusters are exactly “fun” while you’re doing them, but the overall experience is a blast.
  2. Community. You are all a part of the CrossFit Davis community and The Open is a time to celebrate the amazing community that has been built at CFD!
  3. It will be a challenge. The Open is an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try new things!  Those of you that participated in The Hometown Hoedown know from experience that doing workouts like this WILL push you to be better!
  4. A chance to meet new people.  Many of us attend the same class times every week and are only able to get to know a fraction of our wonderful members. The Open gives you the opportunity to mix it up with members you may not know from other classes.  Let the worlds of the evening crew and early birds collide!
  5. Be a part of a worldwide competition and the first stage of the biggest CrossFit event of the year. The Open is a rare chance to participate in the same workouts as the best CrossFitters in the world. It is a great reminder that all CrossFItters are the same. Whether we are trying to make the CrossFit Games or brand new to CrossFit, we are each working to get a little fitter day after day, year after year and to ultimately be a better version of ourselves.
  6. Connect with the CrossFit community at large and compare yourself to other athletes all over the world. The worldwide leaderboard is pretty cool.  You can create personalized leaderboards by age group, state or even based on how many years you have been crossfitting!
  7. Get better at crossfit.  Being judged through a workout and focusing on movement standards can be eye opening and will make you a better crossfitter!
  8. An opportunity to Learn.  If this is your first Open you will undoubtedly learn something new about CrossFit and probably about yourself.  
  9. Connect with your coaches in a different capacity.  Your coaches will be your judges through the Open.  They will be there to encourage you, to challenge you and to cheer you on!
  10. Support others and cheer them on.  Watching people give a workout their all is so exciting! When you’re in a class you’re usually focused on yourself and your own workout.  The Open is a chance to cheer on your friends and other members and watch them push past their limits! It is an experience you won’t want to miss!
  11. You might surprise yourself! Many PR’s happen during The Open. Maybe you’ll get your first pull-up, or your first double under! You’ll never know if you don’t try!
  12. A chance to be inspired and inspire others. You never know who is watching when you face your fears and challenge yourself!
  13. You can track your fitness year to year. This is the 7th year of The CrossFit Games Open.  Each year you can look back and track your progress on the leaderboard.  Ultimately we are only competing against ourselves and The Open gives us a tangible way to see how far we’ve come!
  14. Peer Pressure.  Everyone’s doing it. Do it. Sign Up. Come on. DO IT.
  15. Beer. Any CrossFit event usually includes a beer or two:) Sudwerk brew will be flowing in week 5!
  16. Donuts. Donuts tend to find their way to a Saturday or two during The Open. Who doesn’t love donuts??
  17. Party time!! On Saturday March 25th after the last week of workouts we will celebrate with pizza, beer and of course donuts! It’s such a blast and if the Hometown Hoedown is any indication, this year will be the best year yet!
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