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April 1, 2015


EMOM FOR 10 Minutes
[odd] :30 Seconds of Strict Pull-Ups or Supine Ring Rows
[even] :30 Seconds Push-Ups

You’ll have 5 rounds at each station to work for a total of 30 seconds.  It’s probably not a good idea to go for a max set early on so work in as many sets as you need to for the full 30 seconds and then transition to the next station.


5 Rounds for time
5 Power Clean 185/125lbs
30 Air Squats

Workout notes: Spend a few moments working up to a moderate weight power clean.  Think about bumping up the weight you normally prescribe yourself if you have been working your power clean at the same weight for a while.  Keep in mind we’re specifically looking for a power clean so if the weight you choose is so heavy that you need to drop into a squat clean, you have done well with your technique but might be going a little heavy for this workout.

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