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April 13, 2015


E2MOM for 10 Minutes
3 Power Clean

Work up to a moderate weight Power Clean and perform 3 repetitions every 2 minutes for 10 minutes.  Ideally you choose a weight that allows you to do all three reps in a row  with very little rest.   For a power clean we’re looking for a little bit lighter weight than you would use in a squat clean.  You’ll catch the bar in a partial squat dropping as low as is needed.  If you end up breaking parallel you have lifted correctly but have possibly gone a little too heavy.  With 5 rounds of 3 reps and 2 minutes rest for each set you should be able to attempt a weight that is a bit heavier than you would use if  you  were performing this for 10 rounds on the minute or during a metcon. This workout is a repeat so if you are participating again and the lifts went well last time, make an attempt to add 5 or 10 lbs to the bar.


AMRAP in 10 Minutes

15 Two-Arm Dumbbell Push Press 45/30lbs
200M Run

Workout notes: The two arm dumbbell weight is usually deceptively heavy.  Choose dumbbells that are manageable enough that you can perform sets for the entire workout.  Going unbroken is never required but you may want to choose a weight you can use for a minimum of 5-5-5 or 6-5-4 when you are tired. Your arms will have recovery time during the run so you should be able to go hard on both movements. Don’t give too much thought to pacing and treat each part as an all out effort if possible. You can also use kettlebells if you prefer or those put your shoulders into a better position.

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