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April 19, 2017


8 Minutes to Establish a Max set of Double Unders

For today’s skill work we are working towards a max set of double unders.  Rest as needed during the 8 minutes especially before or after a big set.  If you are stuck at doing double-single-double-single when it comes to double unders, today is a great time to break that habit and try for two in a row! While this can be a very frustrating skill, the only way to master it is practice and we love watching you all improve! If your current PR is well above 100 consider giving triple unders a try. Let’s see some new double under PR’s on the board today!



3 rounds for max reps
One minute of Front Squats 135/95lb
Rest one minute
One minute of Chest To Bar Pull-Ups
Rest one minute
One minute of Power Cleans 135/95lb
Rest one minute

Workout Notes: Today’s workout is a twist on a recent mainsite workout and will be scored like the workout “Fight Gone Bad”.  You will keep track of your total reps of each movement and come up with one big number at the end for your score.  If you can not perform chest to bar pull-ups choose from regular chin over bar pull-ups, ring rows, jumping pull-ups or banded pull-ups.  Whatever option is challenging for you and allows you to work for the majority of the minute is a great choice for this workout.  You will be using one barbell for both the front squat and the power clean.  Most likely the front squat will be the tougher movement of the two so make sure to do several reps of each movement before the workout starts.  Quick singles are totally ok on the power cleans, but you will want to be able to hang on to the bar for several reps in a row when it comes to the front squat.  If you came to class on Sunday this interval may look familiar to you. Notice that after each work period there is a rest period.  This should tell you to use the entire working minute rather than stopping early to move to your next movement.  Go hard at each station and see what you can do!

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