April 26, 2017


10 rounds
20 seconds Hollow Rock or Hold
20 seconds Super Man Hold
20 seconds rest

Maintain each position as long as you can during the work periods. Hold back early and give yourself some rest if needed rather than going to failure. You can scale each movement independently so set yourself up to get some good work in based on your ability. If you are unable to hold a quality position as the rounds go on consider taking a round off and jumping back in when you’re ready!


Starting at 0:00

For time
400m Run
50 Air Squats

Starting at 5:00

For time
100 Air Squats
1000m Run

Workout Notes: Today you will be completing two separate workouts that will each be for time.  The first workout should feel like an all out sprint.  The goal will be to complete the 400 meter run and 50 squats in under 5 minutes so that you have some time to recover before the second workout starts.  If you think this might not be possible for you and the first run might take you over 3 minutes or if squats are a difficult movement for you, decrease the number of squats to 25-35 rather than 50.  When the clock hits 5:00 your second workout begins.  This time you will start with the squats.  When you have completed 100 air squats take off for your last run out the back doors down to Cantrill and back.  The volume of squats can be changed in the second workout as well. Choose to do 50-75 squats here if 100 sounds like too many. Make sure to stay on the sidewalk for your 1000m run and push the pace especially as you make your way back to the gym to finish strong! Your score for this workout will be two separate times.

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