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August 10, 2017


Hollow Body Strict Pull-Up

Today we’re upping the ante with the strict pull-up and giving strict hollow body pull-ups a try.  Do your best to hold a tight hollow body position throughout the entire pull-up. If 3 is too many you can complete 6 sets of 1 or 2. If you do not have strict pull-ups yet perform several sets for max reps of supine ring rows making sure to keep your body as rigid as possible. For those of you working on rings rows, feel free to sprinkle in some sets of banded pull-ups or jumping pull-ups with a slow negative as well.  If you have been working on ring rows for awhile try changing your body angle or raising your feet to a box to make them more difficult.


3 rounds for reps with one minute at each station

Two arm dumbbell front squat 50/35 lb
Kettlebell swing 32/24 kg
Box Jump 24/20″

Workout notes: Today’s workout will be scored like you would score the classic CrossFit workout “Fight Gone Bad”. Count your total reps accumulated at each station to come up with one total score at the end of the workout.  The most difficult movement will most likely be the two arm dumbbell front squat. Hold both dumbbells in the front rack position at the shoulders.  Maintaining a vertical torso will be key for this movement.  The odd position of the dumbbell with increase the difficultly of the movement versus holding a barbell so make sure you can keep your heels flat and move through the full range of motion without compromising your mechanics.  If you are on the dumbbells for your first station you will see progressively simpler movements as as you transition through to the rest period. Focus on pacing correctly so you can maintain intensity as you progress through each movement. For larger classes we’ll start on any station and rotate in order, resting at the same time.

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