August 12, 2017


AMRAP in 25 Minutes

5 Squat Snatch 135/95 lb
50 Double Unders
500M Run *

*The 500M Run is out the back door and all the way around the complex without performing a turn around at our usual 400M turnaround point.

Workout: Today’s workout may seem simple but we feature a high level of skills for this triplet. The most difficult movement for most athletes will be the squat snatch.  If you are new to the lift practice power snatching the barbell and receiving it in a partial squat prior to riding it down into the bottom of your overhead squat. Range of motion can be difficult if you have mobility issues so scale to power snatches or front squats if needed.  The benchmark load might seem similar to what we see in a lot of workouts but don’t be fooled, the squat snatch is one of our most difficult lifts so spend a good amount of time figuring out your load for this workout and go light if needed so you can move the barbell through your full range of motion.  Your total work time is long so that gives you plenty of practice with double unders if you do not quite have the movement mastered. Scale to a lower rep count per round as your first option if you can get some amount of double unders.

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