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August 13, 2014


5 Rounds not for time.
Sustainable set of Kipping Pull-Ups or Kipping Swings Followed by :30 seconds of Double Unders

Use this time to practice two difficult skills, the “kipping” movement and double unders. If you already have kipping or butterfly pull-ups work on a sustainable set.  If you are new to either type  or don’t have a pull-up yet, work on sustaining the movement as a swing rather than a pull-up.  Follow each set with around 30 seconds of double unders.  Rest as much as you need to between rounds and focus on practicing the movement.


5 Rounds for Reps with one minute on each station

Row For Calories
Squat Clean 135/95lbs

Workout notes: We’ll start this workout in waves with everyone starting on the rower. Pace yourself and come off the rower early so you are ready to maintain a steady pace with the barbell.  For each rep practice efficient technique by dropping under the bar and driving your elbows up. Don’t let your elbows fall as you come up from the bottom of your squat.

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