August 17, 2015


5 x 1 Minute Weighted plank holds

Perform 5 rounds of weighted plank holds with a partner helping you load a plate onto your back while you are in a locked out plank hold.  Use the weight to slightly increase the level of difficulty but be sure not to overload the weight such that you start losing your midline stability.  If you are adding weight, add a small amount each time.


For time
Deadlift 225/155

Workout notes: The rep scheme of this workout starts with higher repetition deadlifts that descend in number each round and burpees that increase in number during each round.  The rep scheme front loads the workout with deadlifts so consider breaking up those sets early on. Even though the numbers for each round are fairly low you are doing a lot of reps in only a short amount of time so pace yourself and avoid changing your mechanics to go faster.



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