August 18, 2016

Looking forward to Sunday with @marksmellybell! All CrossFit Davis members are welcome! Don't miss out on a chance to learn from one of the best! #crossfit #crossfitdavis #davis #markbell #deadlifts

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EMOM for 10 Minutes
[Odd] :30 Hollow Hold w/pvc
[Even] :30 Arch Hold w/ pvc

Today’s skill practice might seem simple but these are the building blocks for increasing your work capacity in many of CrossFit’s basic gymnastic movements. The key is generating efficient core to extremity power transfer.  If you would like to increase the difficulty of either movement attempt to use PVC.


5 Rounds for reps
90 Seconds Wall ball Shots 20/14lb 10/9′
90 Second Row for calories
90 Second Rest

Workout notes: This workout will be scored like you would score the workout fight gone bad. Count your total number of wall ball shots and calories rowed in each of the 5 rounds to come up with a total number of repetitions. Use this opportunity to challenge yourself to performing a large number of wall ball shots prior to getting on the rower.  The row will be harder after maximal effort wall ball shots but try not to use it as a recovery period in this format. The recovery period is the rest that you get after the row! Go hard in each round.


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