August 19, 2014

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EMOM for 10 Minutes

1 Squat Clean

Work up to a light  weight and perform 1 squat clean every 10 minutes.  If you are new to this lift focus on moving under the bar after you extend your hips.  Catch the bar with your elbows and pointing out.  Ride the bar all the way down into the bottom of your squat before you stand up.


AMRAP in 12 Minutes

20 Dumbbell Goblet Squat 45/30lbs
20 One Arm Dumbbell Push Press 45/30lbs*
200M Run

* Break this up anyway that you like (e.g. 10L,10R or 5L,5R,5L,5R etc)

Workout notes:  For most of us the weight you want to Push Press will determine what weight you should do for the workout.  The squats are performed by holding the dumbbell under your chin with whatever orientation feels comfortable.  The dumbbell should help you keep your torso upright from top to bottom of your squat. Remember your fundamentals as you get tired.  Kees out and over the feet with chest up!

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