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August 19, 2016


Squat Clean & Jerk

Spend some time working up to a strong effort Clean & Jerk.  The squat clean & split jerk is usually the most effective method for moving big weights so unless you have a mobility issue you should be working on the mechanics of those movements. Everyone should start with a very light warmup and increase gradually.  New lifters should only increase weight when you are able to consistently repeat the same technique.


AMRAP in 7 Minutes
10 Power Clean 135/95 lb
3 Strict Pull-Up

Workout notes: This is a shorter workout so choose a power clean weight that allows you to move through 10 reps fairly quickly.  If you are capable of doing strict pull ups make sure to keep them strict (no kipping!).  Start each rep from a dead hang and get your chin all the way over the bar every time. If you aren’t quite ready for strict pull ups find an alternative that is challenging with banded pull ups, jumping pull ups or ring rows.

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