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August 20, 2017


With a Partner!
2 Rounds of 4 Minutes at each station

Rope Climbs
Kettlebell Swings
Strict Ring Dips

Workout Notes: We’re tackling a partner workout today! Text your bestie or workout pal and meet them at the gym today for some fun! You can choose your partner when you get to class of course as well or Coach Alex will help you find someone that will be a good fit! You will be moving through 2 rounds at 3 different stations working for 4 minutes at a time followed by 4 minutes of rest. You can trade off work with your partner however you choose. If you and your partner need to scale movements in different ways that’s ok, you will want to partner with someone who can move at the same pace as you throughout a workout regardless of how you are scaling each movement.  Have fun and work hard!


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