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August 26, 2017


3 Rounds for time

20 Power snatch 75/55 lb
400M Run
20 Overhead walking lunge steps 75/55 lb
400M Run

Workout notes: Today’s workout is a three round triplet with two weightlifting movements separated by a monostructural run. The benchmark load is on the lighter side and we have a long of running so this workout falls into the oxidative time domain. Even though you can treat those runs as a bit of recovery from the barbell be sure not to go so heavy that you are working at max effort and find yourself totally depleted on the runs. Your load should be light enough you can complete each round on the barbell in 2-4 sets.  The OHWL steps will be done in place with the barbell. Be sure to full test out the load overhead and make sure you can maintain an upright torso and locked out arms. If overhead mobility is an issue for you switch to front rack lunges.




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