August 27, 2015


EMOM for 10 Minutes
[odd] 30 Seconds of Supine Ring Rows
[even] 30 seconds of Hollow Rocks

Please note that the supine ring row should be a completely strict movement. The more you lay flat the harder the movement will be so scale by moving you feet to an appropriate level.  Work on remaining consistent with your movement and not breaking at the hips as you get fatigued.  If you are not laying fully flat on the ground and going unbroken for 30 seconds then you have probably scaled your depth a little too much. Go lower in your next round.  If you are capable of laying flat then do so. If you are good at pull-ups you should participating in this workout!  There are many ways to scale the hollow rock. Try to hold the position for each interval and scale by pulling in your arms, one or both legs.  Be sure that your lower back stays in contact with the ground as you rock and does not start to arch.  Use the method that best lets you hold the position for the full 30 seconds.


4 Rounds with 1 minute on each station
Row for Calories
Alternating Pistols

Workout notes: 

This workout is scored like “Fight Gone Bad”.  You will keep a running total of all your reps throughout all 4 rounds for one large number at the end.  Push the pace on the row and try not to use it as a rest station. Set a goal for each round for calories and see if you can maintain the same number every round.  Pistol squats are a high skill movement and can be scaled in a number of ways.  Try a high box step up with slow lower down, grab a pole or band to help keep your balance or try using a small plate under your heel to allow you to achieve full depth.  If you are scaling this movement make sure you choose an option that allows you to maintain good form and reach as full depth a squat as is possible on each leg.  Break up the push-ups early as this movement tends to break down quickly.

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