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August 4, 2016


EMOM for 10 Minutes
[Odd] :30s of Double Unders
[Even] :30s wall facing handstand hold

In today’s skill work you have another opportunity to work on double unders. The skill can be very challenging if you are not familiar with the movement.  The skill can take some time to master and we have found the most important aspect to learning the skill is adequate exposure.  Spend each of the 5 rounds with a commitment to attempt double unders. Stay relaxed and keep your chest and shoulders upright as you jump utilizing a moderate jump and quick action with the wrist.  For increased efficiency avoid piking or pulling your knees up to get rope clearance.  If you absolutely have double unders licked and are certain you would go unbroken every round. Pursue triple unders and remember all of the same advice applies.   In the alternate minute attempt 30 seconds in a handstand.  To perfect your form we like to hold the position with chest against the wall holding as vertical as possible with a solid midline.  Remember to have a bailout plan every time your kick up!

3 Rounds for time
20 Lateral burpee over the bar
20 Front rack walking lunge steps 115/75 lb
400M Run

Workout notes: In this triplet we’re using the barbell height as our measurable benchmark for the burpee.  The most difficult method and what would be considered “Rx” will be to perform lateral jumps over the bar for each repetition.  Note that you do not need to clap overhead as you clear the bar in this case.  Scale to a step over if you are not sure you can safely clear the height.  If you do decide to perform a two-footed jump over the bar you should find it very challenging!  Remember that the walking lunge step carries with it an extra level of difficulty because the movement is unilateral so be conservative with your chosen weight!

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