August 6, 2015


EMOM for 10 Minutes
1 Power Snatch

Perform 1 Power Snatch every minute for a total of 10 rounds. The weight you choose should be in the  moderate effort range but consider this as primarily skill work.  An appropriate weight would likely be 65-70% or less for newer lifters. Consider starting with a weight you are very familiar with and increasing by small increments if  the lifts are going well.  The pace will be fairly rapid if you are lifting every minute so for that reason go a little lighter than you might with more resting time in between sets.


3 Rounds for time
10 Power Snatch  95/65lb
200M Run

Workout notes: This workout was recently featured in the CrossFit Games Master’s division and was a main site workout from 2010. The original version prescribes the movement as Ground To Overhead so a Clean & Jerk would be acceptable if you are familiar with that movement and still want to “Rx” the workout.  Both the Games version and main site version prescribe 50 yard shuttle runs but for our purposes we’ll run to the wall and back. Yesterday’s workout was a long duration 20 minute interval workout where you essentially attempted to maintain the same work capacity over each interval for a long time.  This workout should feel very different in that it is a short sprint style workout.  Keep in mind that even though the workout is short you should stay in control and perform mechanically sounds reps to the full range of motion.

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