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December 10, 2013


Split Jerk 3 @ 80-85% then 1RM.

Work up to around 80-85% and make 3 lifts at that weight.  Continue working up to a 1RM attempt if time allows.  New lifters should start light, increase in small increments and make several attempts at each weight. Work up to a moderately heavy weight.   


5 Rounds for total reps with 1 Minute on each station.

Row for Calories
Box Jumps 24/20″
Push Press 75/55lbs

Off Ramp WOD

Work with a box height that allows you to do plyometric jumps if possible and plan out some rest during each station as there is no transition time between stations or rounds! Make sure the push press weight is something you can perform good reps with the whole way through.  Drop the workout to 3 rounds if needed.