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December 13, 2016


EMOM for 10 minutes
[odd] Straight set of Toes to Bar
[even] Straight set of Handstand Push-ups

During today’s EMOM we are working on two high skill movements. If you are new to toes to bar start by alternating between the hollow and arch position on the bar and follow that by pulling the knees in and up to the chest. This skill can be scaled to kipping swings or knee raises.  For the handstand push-ups we suggest being able to do 10 perfect and unbroken Push-ups as well as at least a 60 second handstand hold.  If you aren’t able to perform the base skills, scale the movement to one that gets you working on the movement and addresses your biggest weakness.


5 rounds for time
25 Sit Ups
20 Lunges
15 Box Jumps 24/20″

Today’s workout is all bodyweight movements. Focus on smooth and quick transitions between each movement. You can choose to pogo your box jumps or a steady pace of jumping up and stepping down to keep moving. Whatever you choose, make sure to focus on pulling your toes up and landing softly on top of the box in a partial squat. If you’re worried about the volume of each movement consider doing 3 or 4 rounds instead of 5.


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