December 16, 2016


1RM Push Press

Today we are working up to a one rep max push press. Focus on a vertical dip and drive and then finish with just your arms by pressing overhead.  After driving the bar off of your shoulders, keep your legs squeezed tight and resist the temptation to drop under the bar and perform a jerk.


For time

Deadlift 185/135lb
Goblet Squat 32/24kg

Our workout today pairs two classic movements, the deadlift and squat.  Most of your reps will be done in the first few rounds with this rep scheme. Break up the larger sets early to avoid slowing down too much when you get to the single digit sets.  You should be able to perform medium sized sets of deadlifts and squats with the weight you choose.  Plan to get your sets of 21, 18 and 15 done in 3-4 sets max. If you are scaling the benchmark weight and doing all sets unbroken you may have gone too light.  Move smooth and quick through the last small sets to finish strong.


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