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December 18, 2016


4 Rounds for time
200M Pinch plate carry and farmer carry 25/15 lb, 32/24 kg
30 One arm alternating russian kettlebell swings 32/24kg
40 See The lights sit-ups 25/15 lb

Workout notes: For today’s workout we are mixing up the standard farmers carry and combining it with a pinch plate carry.  You will carry your kettlebell in one hand and “pinch” a plate using your fingers to carry it.  Switch hands as needed, but try to distribute the work evenly as you go.  You will be swinging your kettlebell with one arm up to eye level, do not go all the way overhead here! Alternate arms by switching as the kettlebell is at the apex of the swing but rest as needed.   For the sit-up you will start laying back with your shoulder blades in contact with the floor and the plate locked out directly above you. Sit up while keeping your arms straight and finish sitting tall with the plate above your head.

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