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December 2, 2017

Hometown Hoedown IV Today!!

Today we hold our annual member celebration and in house competition! Heat times are listed below.  All athletes please arrive at 8:00AM for briefing and warm-up! Podium and party will start around 1PM.  All members and friends are welcome!

Event 1
Heat 1 – 8:30
Nancy Scaled Women Elliot RX Men
Yu Scaled Women Andrew RX Men
Alyssa Scaled Women Eugene RX Men
Ally Scaled Women Kevin RX Men
Kristene Scaled Women Jeremy RX Men

Heat 2 – 8:42

Liat Scaled Women Matt D RX Men
Laura C Scaled Women Ryan D RX Men
Paige Scaled Women Mike Lorenzen RX Men
Haylee Scaled Women Eric RX Men
Katey Scaled Women Alex RX Men
Jay RX Men

Heat 3 – 8:54

Erica J Scaled Women Imani RX Men
Kathy Scaled Women Paul Wong RX Men
Liz M Scaled Women Matt RX Men
Carolyn Scaled Women Ken RX Men
Sabrina Scaled Women Greg RX Men

Heat 4 – 9:06

Jill Scaled Women JR RX Men
Jen Scaled Women Scott RX Men
Ala Scaled Women Jason RX Men
Tawni Scaled Women Don RX Men
Essa RX Men

Heat 5 – 9:18

Rich Scaled Men Lisa N RX Women
Paul Osborne Scaled Men Shannon RX Women
Chad Scaled Men Annie RX Women
Derek Li Scaled Men Jenna RX Women
Jesy RX Women

Heat 6 – 9:30

Michael Schoff Scaled Men Courtney RX Women
Justin Scaled Men Katti RX Women
Casey Scaled Men Sarah S RX Women
Derek S Scaled Men Katya RX Women
Brad Scaled Men Katherine RX Women

Heat 7 – 9:42

George Scaled Men Christine RX Women
Wesley Scaled Men Linda L RX Women
Brian K Scaled Men Collette RX Women
Dave S Scaled Men Hannah RX Women
Jordan RX Women
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