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December 3, 2014

Hometown Hoedown


[creativ_alertbox colour=”theme” custom_colour=””]Last year around this time we held an open tryout to select CFD members for a local fitness competition. The response was amazing and we had so much fun with the 28 folks who tried out that we want to do it again so we’re holding our own competition.   This year we’ll have specific workouts for Rx, Scaled and Masters (35+).  This competition is open to any current or former CrossFit Davis member.  Sign up on the board in the gym if you want to participate! [/creativ_alertbox]



EMOM for 10 Minutes

[odd] Max Effort L-Hang
[even] Double Unders

Working each movement every other minute for 10 minutes, first perform a strong effort L-Hang and then transition to Double Unders on the even minute.  The L-Hang will be difficult for most folks right from the get go but give it a strong effort for as much of the minute as you can. If you can’t hold your legs out in an L, tuck the knees or try a single leg.  Use the even minutes to practice double unders. Experienced athletes will be able to hold a large set each round but if you are still working on the movement spend about 30 seconds working on the skill and then transition to the pull-up bar.


For time


Wall Ball Shots 20/14lbs 10/9′

Workout notes: That’s a lot of Wall Ball shots! Equivalent in volume to the benchmark workout “Karen” plus an equal amount of sit-ups.  The majority of the reps in the workout occur during the first two rounds. Doing big sets of wall ball shots during those rounds is a good idea but don’t be afraid to perform small sets with short rest later on when you get tired.   Remember if you are new to CrossFit you can also scale the volume if this is way outside of your experience but challenge yourself! Keep moving!

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