December 30, 2013

REMINDER! We will be open for the morning only on New Years Eve, closed New Years day and back to regular hours on the 2nd.  

12/31 Open for  CrossFit at 5:45A, 9:30A and 12:00P. Open Gym between 10:30A and 12:00P.

01/01 Closed

01/02 Normal Hours 


EMOM for 10 Minutes

Sustainable set of Strict Pull-Ups.  Pick a number you can do unbroken and try to maintain that for 10 rounds.  Use as little assistance as possible. 


Burpee Bar Hops
Power Cleans 155/105lbs

Off Ramp WOD

Scale the power clean weight to one that you can manage easily during your warm up.  Be sure you setup properly for each lift and maintain a flat back throughout the whole workout!