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December 5, 2015


AMRAP in 25 Minutes

200M Uneven Farmer Carry
10 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20″
20 Wall Ball Shots 20/14 lb 10/9 ‘

Workout notes: This workout is a longer duration workout so coupled with the farmer carry it will come at pretty low intensity.  The farmer carry does not have a prescribed weight but you are encouraged to challenge yourself. If you are able to complete the entire 200M lap without rotating arms at the halfway point you may have gone too light. Either way, make sure that you distribute the work evenly across both arms by switching at the halfway point or by switching every round.  The nature of this workout allows you to challenge yourself with each movement as the burpees and wall ball shot segment compliment the farmer carry well.  Try to get out of your comfort zone during those movements by attempting a heavier wall ball, higher box height or even just trying bigger set sizes.


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