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December 9, 2013


EMOM for 20 Minutes
Odd 3 Power Clean ~ 70% 
Even Sustainable set of Toes-To-Bar

Practice catching the barbell in a “partial” squat.  Work on catching the bar deeper into your squat as it gets heavier and fatigue starts to set in. 

For the even minutes work on stringing together Toes-To-Bar or Knee-Tucks. 


AMRAP in 6 Minutes

5 Right Arm Kettlebell Squat Clean 24/16kg
5 Right Arm Kettlebell Snatch 24/16kg
5 Left Arm Kettlebell Squat Clean 24/16kg
5 Left Arm Kettlebell Snatch 24/16kg

Off Ramp WOD


Make sure to choose a weight you can move for 10 reps while fresh. It’s going to get tough a few rounds in so you want to start out with something you are sure you can move!