December 9, 2015

[creativ_alertbox icon=”” colour=”theme” custom_colour=””]Reminder that we will not be holding classes this Saturday as we will be hosting our 2nd annual holiday party and in house competition. All are welcome to compete or just come out and hang out. Click here to see a list of the events for the competition.[/creativ_alertbox]



Strict press
Push press

Today we will be working on two different strength movements. You will start with the Strict Press and then move to Push Press. Because you will only utilize your arms with the strict press your numbers here will be lower. You should be able to easily Push Press your final Strict Press weight as you will be able to use the power of your legs on this movement.  For the Strict Press focus on keeping the body strong and tight. Move your head out the way to allow for a straighter bar path.  For the Push Press focus on keeping your torso upright during your dip and not letting the bar move down your shoulders or chest as you dip and drive. There should be no re-bend of the knees in the catch.


for time

Deadlift 225/155 lb
Box Jump 24/20″

Workout notes: This workout has smaller set sizes and a total number of 10 rounds. The rep size decreases with each round descending by 1 rep so consider that essentially the first half of the reps are completed in the first 3 rounds. Pace the first few rounds but once you get into the later rounds remember that you almost finished.

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