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February 1, 2017


Strict Pull-Up with Pause at top of pull-up

Spend some time today focusing on strict pull-up strength.  Hold your chin over the bar momentarily after you reach the top of your pull-up and then practice a controlled descent for every rep. If you are using a band choose one that makes the 3 reps challenging and try to implement the pause at the top.  If you are doing ring rows, pause momentarily with the rings in contact with your chest for each rep.


For time
30 Calorie Row
50 Kettlebell Swings 32/24kg
30 Burpees

Workout Notes: Today we’ve got a short chipper on the menu.  You will start the workout with 30 calories on the rower before moving on to 50 kettlebell swings.  The kettlebell weight is set at our normal benchmark weight so scale as needed here.  Choose a kettlebell that you can do 10 unbroken reps with when you are fresh.  After 50 swings you will move on to 30 burpees.  Settle in to a consistent pace and try to pick up the speed as you get to those last 10-15 reps!

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