February 12, 2018


EMOM for 10 Minutes
Power clean + hang power clean from above the knees + 1 split jerk

Today we’re working on another difficult barbell complex.  That means we’re working on positional and technique work so the load for today’s skill work will be much lighter that it would be if you were working up to a max effort lift.  We’re starting from the floor and completing a power clean  plus a hang power clean and following that up with a split jerk.  Spend some time reviewing the hook grip! Using the hook grip will help with your pulling strength from the floor as well as re-gripping the bar as you bring it down to your hips to start the hang power clean.  Remember to catch both cleans in a partial squat with your hips back rather than yanking the bar off of the floor and spreading the feet out wide.  Starting with two cleans will make that split jerk fell much heavier than the load normally feels so drive up quickly and snap the arms upward while driving under the bar.


AMRAP in 8 Minutes
5 Hang power clean 155/105 lb
10 Box jump 24/20″

Workout notes

Today we have a classic fast moving couplet in a short time domain.  The benchmark load is on the moderate side but the rep count is fairly low in each round.  Use a weight and box height you can move quickly and safely with a minimum number of sets.  Your barbell load should not be so heavy that you need to perform single repetitions.  You should be able to do five hang cleans easily while fresh with your chosen weight.



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