February 18, 2016


1RM Strict Press

Today we will be working on the Strict Press.  For this movement we specifically do not generate momentum with the lower body so your numbers here will be lower than they would be with a push press or push jerk. Remember to keep your midline static and move only your head out of the way to maintain a straight bar path.


5 Rounds for time
5 Strict Press 115/75lb
10 Front rack walking lunge steps 115/75 lb 15
15 Air Squat

Workout notes: You should have a good idea what weight would be appropriate for the press after working up to a heavy single in that movement.  You should be able to do a set of 5 unbroken with your starting weight. The lunges are also deceptively difficult so test that movement out as you decide on your barbell weight.

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