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February 4, 2015


Push Jerk

Work up to a strong effort double in the push jerk.  For this lift you will dip and drive as you would with a split jerk but re-bend the knees and land in a short partial squat keeping the feet in line and then stand up to finish the lift.  Focus on driving your body under that bar and locking the lift out as you catch it overhead rather than pressing the bar up.  If that is happening most likely you are not dropping fast enough or low enough lock out the bar in one motion.  Think about using a slow setup with your back upright and then driving up with explosive power before dropping under the bar again.


EMOM for 8 Minutes

[odd] Front Squats 115/75lbs
[even] Pull-Ups

Workout notes: You will be spending a total of 4 rounds at each station for this workout alternating between the two movements.   Your score will be your total reps of both movements but be sure not to sandbag one of the movements if the other favors you just so you can get a better score.  Try treating this workout like you would a Tabata workout and work for a set about of time getting as many reps as you can and then try to maintain that for all four rounds.


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