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January 17, 2016


for time
25 Strict Pull-Ups
50 Overhead Walking Lunge 45/35 lb plate
75 “Russian” Kettlebell Swings 32/24 kg
100 Air Squats

Workout notes: We’re starting with the always difficult “strict” pull-up. What we’re looking for is a pull-up that starts from dead hang and does not include a kip or momentum transfer from the core. As the reps get more difficult it will be very hard to hold that standard but do your best to try. The intensity of the workout might feel quite low as you get started with the strict pull-ups but that is totally appropriate for a strict movement! Do your best to perform lunges at your full range of motion and keep your shoulders in a safe locked out position with the plate overhead.  Russian style kettlebell swings give you a safe opportunity to attempt swings at a little bit heavier weight than you might normally swing if you are going overhead so if you feel like you are ready, try adding a few pounds for this workout.


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