January 23, 2015


EMOM for 10 Minutes
[Odd] Max Effort Double Unders
[Even] Plank Hold

Complete as many double unders as possible during the first minute of our skill work today.  If you are still working on this movement practice completing unbroken sets or work on alternating between some single unders and double unders.  If you are brand new to jumping rope stick to single unders for now. Rest as much as you need to perform quality reps.  On the even minute you will be holding the plank position for as much of the minute as possible.


For time

21 Push Press 115/75lbs
400M Run
18 Push Press 115/75lbs
400M Run
15 Push Press 115/75lbs
400M Run

Workout notes: This couplet has a high number of push press that will be hard to complete as unbroken sets for most folks.  Choose a weight that challenges you but isn’t so heavy that you end up doing singles repetitions. Remember to focus on driving the bar upward with the hips and finishing with the arms.  If you rebend at the knees to catch the bar overhead you are performing a push jerk!


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