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January 25, 2016


Power Clean & Push Press


Working from the floor, spend some time working up to a strong effort Push Press.  The skill work today will serve as a warm up and review of the power clean as well as testing a heavy push press.  You don’t need to necessarily go for a max lift today but work up to a weight that challenges you as long as your technique is sound and you are actively pressing the bar and not dropping into a jerk.


For time
Air Squat
Power Clean 115/75lbs

Workout notes:  You should have a good idea what is an appropriate weight for your cleans after warming up during the skill work. Your heavy push press probably won’t be a good comparison but the clean weight ought to be less than 60% or your 1RM power clean.  The total rep count is high so go for a weight you can move at a steady pace! Use a weight with which you can you could perform an entire round in a small number sets. If you are performing singles you probably went too heavy!

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