January 8, 2018


10×1 Lunge Kick to Freestanding handstand OR Handstand Walk practice

Have some fun with the skill work today! Make several attempts to kick into and hold a free standing handstand.  For beginners start by just gently rocking up into the upside down position and increase the height of your legs with each attempt.  Don’t go all out in the beginning and turn over too far.  Make sure to start with locked out arms and have a bail out plan or partner assist in place so you don’t come crashing down.  If you are new to this skill start against a wall with some handstand holds or wall walks if you are not quite ready to kick up yet.  If you are comfortable kicking in to a freestanding handstand on your own spend todays skill work time practicing walking on your hands!


AMRAP in 20 Minutes

25 Squats
20 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch 50/35 lb
15 Burpee

Workout notes

Today’s workout is a long duration triplet. We have two bodyweight movements and a high rep set of a light weight lifting movement.  When it comes to the squats try to get your hip crease below parallel and maintain that depth throughout the workout.  Later on when you start to fatigue pay special attention to your squat depth and make sure you are holding yourself to the same standard throughout each round.  The main driver for your dumbbell snatch should be a violent hip opening creating vertical drive for the weight.  If you find that you are simply pressing the dumbbell overhead you may not be recruiting your hips effectively.  Do your best not to use the burpees as recovery and practice quick, explosive repetitions and rest as needed.


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