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July 17, 2015


AMRAP in 6 Minutes
30 Seconds Hollow Hold
30 Seconds Passive Squat Hold with Stretch

For the skill work today credit yourself for one round when you complete a total of 30 seconds of each movement consecutively.  Most athletes will need to break up the movements at some point so remember that your 30 seconds only needs to be cumulative.  Stop and rest if you need to in order to keep perform quality movement.  Scale the hollow hold to a method you think you can hold for at least 30 seconds for 1 round.   For this version of the squat hold descent as deep as possible below parallel.  Letting your back round is fine in this case.  Relax into that position and press outward on your knees with your elbows.



AMRAP in 10 Minutes
Squat Clean Thrusters 115/75lbs
EMOM 5 Burpees Over The Bar

Workout notes:  The workout STARTS with 5 burpees at the top of EACH minute including the first minute, you will then perform squat clean thrusters for the remainder of the minute. Your score is your total number of squat clean thrusters completed by the end of the 10 minutes. Pacing will be paramount! In this type of workout you are doing a required amount of work at the top of every minute. Try a lower number of reps on the first minute and give yourself a lot of rest to maintain a steady # throughout. Scale the squat clean thrusters by weight first or to goblet squats if your chest and elbows are caving forward. The most difficult form of burpee will be hopping over the bar but that will make those thrusters even harder than they already are. This workout is a repeat! Compare your score to December 1, 2014

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