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July 18, 2013


3 x through the following.  

Accumulate 1 Minute L-Sit
Accumulate 1 Minute Plank Hold


Freestanding Handstands, take as many attempts as you like with the time alloted.

Scale these movements up or down to your accomodate your current skill level. 

L-Sits can be done while hanging the bar, on parallettes or rings. Move to the planche position once you can handle planks easily.  If you’ve never held a handstand you’ll start with pike position holds and then elevating your feet on a box and eventually you’ll move to the wall. If you’ve been handstanding for a while work  on shoulder taps or freestanding walks for distance. There are too many options to list here so talk to your coach about something at an appropriate difficulty level. 


AMRAP in 20 Minutes of 

5 Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups
10 Burpees
15 Wall Ball 20/14lbs

Do you think we’ll see any of these movements in the Opens next year?