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July 18, 2015


AMRAP in 25 Minutes
3 Heavy Deadlift
Sustainable set of HSPU
Rest 120 seconds

Workout notes: Today’s workout will feel a little different than many of the metabolic conditioning workouts that you encounter.  For this workout you will be spending essentially the entire time working in an entirely anaerobic pathway.  Working a heavy 3 Rep deadlift will most likely be unsustainable without some rest. The same goes for a properly executed HSPU which requires a great deal of upper body strength.  For that reason you should attempt to complete each round as quickly as possible and then rest following your HSPU.  For the deadlift work with a weight that is above 75% of your 1RM.  Remember this is a strength and technique workout so execute the deadlift with good form at a manageable weight and increase later on if the workout is going well. For the HSPU use a method with which you can achieve around 10 reps total when fresh.  As the workout carries on you will most likely need to break up the repetitions.

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