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July 19, 2015


3 Rounds for time
20 Toes-To-Bar
200M Uneven Farmer Carry
800M Run

Workout notes: This workout falls in the longer duration category so most of your work should feel very aerobic. It won’t make sense to go all out on the Toes-To-Bar or Run as you most likely won’t be able to maintain a sprint pace for those two movements.  Spend some time on the toes to bar and establish a rep scheme that works for you.  If you are unable to complete the round of 20 in small sets. Then you might do better with a strengthening exercise like a sit-up or strict knee raise. The farmer carry does not have a prescribed weight but you are encouraged to challenge yourself. If you are able to complete the entire 200M lap without rotating arms at the halfway point you may have gone too light. Either way, make sure that you distribute the work evenly across both arms.

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