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July 21, 2014


Front Squat 8-5-5-3-3-2-2-2

Work up to a strong effort 2 rep front squat. Start light and increase the weight for each set. The focus here should be keeping your torso upright and tracking your knees over your feet. If your chest and elbows are collapsing forward you have probably gone too heavy. Establish good form early and increase only if your mechanics are sound.


AMRAP in 8 Minutes

6 L-Arm Kettlebell Hang Squat Clean 24/16kg
6 R-Arm Kettlebell Hang Squat Clean 24/16kg
12 Push-Ups

Workout notes: The kettlebell HSC starts like any other kettlebell movement. With the KB below the waist your arm should be rotated inward. As you catch the kettlebell you’ll need to focus on keeping the weight loaded on your arm with the handle tucked into your chin as you squat.  Remember to keep your elbow in as you stand up from the bottom of your squat.

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