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July 28, 2016



EMOM for 10 Minutes

1 Squat Clean

Work up to a moderate to strong effort squat clean.   Start by working through the movement with an empty bar bell and practice catching the bar with your elbows high and chest up.  As you get comfortable with the movement ride the bar down into the bottom of your squat and then stand up. After you have warmed up to a light to moderate weight perform 1 repetition every minute for 10 minutes. Increase only if you are successful with the mechanics of the lift and consistent with every repetition.
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Sumo Deadlift High Pull 95/65 lb
Front Squat 95/65 lb

Workout notes: Today’s workout focuses on light bar bell movements! The sumo deadlift high pull is one the the foundational movements in CrossFit that we use as skill transfer practice for the second pull in the clean.  Practice creating vertical drive by quickly and explosively opening your hips as the bar passes the knees. The suggested front squat weight is light so move quickly but don’t short the range of motion! Your hip crease should fall below the knee and you should be standing fully upright and the end rage of the rep. Make your best effort to keep your torso upright during each rep.



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