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July 29, 2017


For time

1000M Row


Squat Clean 95/65 lb

Workout notes: Today’s workout features a “buy in”, prior to starting a couplet of squat cleans and push-ups.  Be careful during that row! It does represent a large part of the workout but don’t go so hard that you are too fatigued to do the remainder of the workout.  Push the row at a moderate pace and leave something in the tank for a high volume of light barbell and basic gymnastics.  The benchmark for the barbell is intentionally light so choose a weight you can move in “TnG” sets while you are fresh.  If you start out with a bar loaded so heavy that you can only perform single repetitions you may have gone too heavy. If classes are large this will run in a waterfall start format with heats of 8 or 9 on the rowers every 5 minutes or so.

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