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July 30, 2014


EMOM for 10 Minutes
3 Push Jerk

Working from the floor perform 10 rounds of 3 consecutive Push Jerks.  The weight you choose should can be a bit heavier than what you might use during a metcon but consider this as a time to practice the skill.  Make sure you are dropping underneath the bar and catching it overhead with locked out arms.  Mobility can be challenging with this movement so use some time to adjust your grip and find what works best for you.


AMRAP in 15 Minutes

10 Kettlebell Swings 32/24kg
10 Box Jump 24/20″
10 Push-Ups

Workout notes:  The prescribed weight for the kettlebells is a little bit heavier than we normally see.  With a lower set size this is a great opportunity to try stepping out of your comfort zone and work with a kettlebell that is a little more of a challenge if you have been at the same weight for a while.  Try performing them “russian” style and getting the bell to eye level.

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