July 31, 2017


EMOM for 10 Minutes
1 Squat Clean

Today we’re going heavy and working up to a strong effort squat clean.  If you are new to the lift start by catching the bar in the power position and slowly riding the bar down into the bottom of your squat.  Start with your feet beneath your hips as you pull from the floor and widen your stance to shoulder width as you receive the bar and descend into your squat.  If you know your 1 rep max plan for a PR attempt in the 10th minute if things are feeling good!


Ketttlebell Swing 32/24kg
Box Jump 24/20″

Workout Notes: Today’s workout should feel fast. You do not need to be able to do any of the kettlebell swing sets unbroken, but plan to finish each round in 3 sets or less.  It is only 45 reps total so feel free to challenge yourself as long as you can handle your kettlebell safely when fatigued.  If the prescribed box jump height is too high choose a shorter box or stack some plates to a height that you are comfortable jumping to rather than stepping up to a higher box.  Move safe and steady on the box jumps and focus on quick transitions between movements.

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