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July 6, 2015


Tabata Plank Hold with arms fully extended.

Really what we are looking for when say “Plank” is to hold your body in hollow position. It can be tempting to lose tension and let your body sag but what you should strive for is a totally flat back achieved by tilting your pelvis effectively taking the arch out of your lower back. For an added level of difficulty you can raise your feet onto a box.

AMRAP in 12 Minutes
6 Jumping Lunge Steps
12 Deadlift 185/135 lb
50 Double Under

Workout notes: Today’s workout features the return of the dreaded jumping lunge step.  Though small in number they will make the deadlifts quite difficult even though the suggested load is light.  Your chosen deadlift load should be lower than 50% of your 1RM and something you can perform the round in small number of sets.


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