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July 7, 2014


Deadlift 8-5-5-3-3-3-3

Work up to a strong 3 rep deadlift. After your general warm up start light and increase in small jumps. Focus on maintaining your lumbar posture throughout the entire movement. New lifters should remember not to go to failure but judge your limits by the effort and strain it takes to achieve the repetitions.


For time

42 Wall Ball Shots 20/14lbs 10/9′
21 Pull-Ups
30 Wall Ball Shots
15 Pull-Ups
18 Wall Ball Shots
9 Pull-Ups

Workout notes: Not quite Fran but it sure feels like it!  Consider this workout a sprint! Break up the sets when needed but use short rest.  Scale the wall ball shots by height or weight but make sure you are hitting below parallel with each squat.

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