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June 14, 2017


Sumo Deadlift

Work up to a heavy double in the Sumo style deadlift.  If you are used to traditional deadlifts spend a good portion of time familiarizing yourself with the mechanics of the lift.  The basics of setup are to start by lining up your shins parallel to the bar with your feet in a wide stance and your arms hanging straight down from the shoulders.  You may find that you are stronger or weaker with one of the lifting styles. That can give you a good indication of where your dominant strength chain is.


2 Rounds for time
35 Kettlebell Swings 32/24kg
500M Run
100 Double Unders

Workout Notes: Today’s workout is 2 rounds through of kettlebell swings, running and double unders.  You will be doing 70 total kettlebell swings so scale the weight as needed.  You should be able to complete 10 kettlebell swings unbroken with the weight you choose when you are fresh.  For today’s run you will head out on the 400m course, run past the 400m turn around until you get to the end of the driveway/beginning of sidewalk. Turn around there and head back the way you came until you are back at the gym. Our double under sets are large today, adjust the number as needed to a challenging but manageable number.  Your double unders should take you 2-3 minutes so plan for a number that you could complete in that window even when you are tired.  If you don’t have consistent double unders quite yet you can complete 200 single unders with a double under attempt every 10 reps.

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