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June 22, 2015


Back Squat

Today we’re performing 5 sets of 2 with increasing weight across all sets.  Start light with an an empty bar and make sure you are performing all of your reps to your full range of motion.  We do this not only to warm each joint through it’s entire range but to reinforce proper mechanics.  Maintain an upright and rigid torso through each rep.  Ideally you are not working up to failure but judging by the amount of strain it takes to complete the reps to give you an idea when you have reached your daily max. For experienced lifters this could be around 90% of your 1RM and a bit lower for newer lifters.  Be sure to review how to ditch a back squat and use spotters when needed.


In front of a clock set for 12 minutes

1 minute of Deficit Push-Ups 45/25lb plates
1 minute of Jumping Alternating Lunges
2 minutes of Deficit Push-Ups 45/25lb plates
2 minutes of Jumping Alternating Lunges
3 minutes of Deficit Push-Ups 45/25lb plates
3 minutes of Jumping Alternating Lunges

Workout notes: For this workout setup plates to perform deficit push-ups with ONLY if you can perform push-ups on the floor with a perfect plank. If you can’t do that you will not benefit by adding the deficit. You can always scale down to perfect push-ups or drop to your knees and maintain perfect form.  You have no work requirement in an AMRAP like this so make this a strength and still workout for your push-ups! The jumping lunges are meant to be explosive so attempt to explode from the bottom position of your lunge and land on the alternate setup.  You are not jumping for height but rather you are jumping into the opposition position for SPEED. They take some balance an skill so if you having trouble just slow down and work on the mechanics!

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