March 12, 2016


10 minutes

Kipping swings and/or Muscle Up transition practice

Work on practicing your kipping swing by performing sets of 5-10 reps alternating between hollow and arch position while hanging on the bar.  Mastering that skill is an essential first step to getting a kipping pull up, or muscle up.  Note that to get a muscle up you will need to first be able to perform strict chest to bar pull-ups and strict dips.  If you have that ability attempt practice some transitions with your feet on the floor.


10 Rounds for time
10 Snatch 75/55 lb
3 Muscle ups (ring or bar)


10 Rounds for time

10 Snatch 65/45 lb
5 Chest To Bar Pull-ups

Workout notes: This variation of our current CrossFit open is a good way to get some quality practice in with both movements. Most of us will not be able to complete this amount of work in less that 7 minutes but that is okay! Scale to a volume or appropriate skill level that you can complete the work in 9-14 minutes.  If you are getting far outside of that time frame you may have been a little aggressive which is going to result in a drop in intensity. Note that banded muscle ups are good practice for learning transitions in strict form at low intensity but we don’t like them for kipping practice!

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