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March 12, 2018


5 rounds of

30 seconds of thrusters 95/65 lb
90 seconds rest
30 seconds of snatches 95/65 lb
90 seconds rest

Today’s skill work has a little different flavor than what we are used to.  You will have five opportunities to work on both snatches and thrusters. In this skill work we are looking to work on intensity rather than strength or skill.  Assuming you have mastered the mechanics of both movements your goal should be to complete one large set of unbroken repetitions in each movement across all five rounds.  Use a weight you can move quickly and efficiently for both. Ideally you choose a weight you can perform a full thirty seconds of reps in one set when you are fresh.  That means roughly fifteen reps in both movements for the average individual.  This skill work will most likely feel like a pretty tough metcon by the time we’re finished but that is okay!


AMRAP in 5 Minutes
6 front rack walking lunge steps 95/65 lb
7 push-ups

Workout notes

Today’s WOD pairs nicely with our skill work.  Spend five minutes working on two difficult strength based movements.  The front rack walking lunge is a tough movement to master as it requires a good deal of unilateral strength, balance and coordination.  Perform the lunges in place and try to execute perfect mechanics.  Keep your torso upright and try to make this a lower body movement.  Because this is a short workout, choose a weight that allows you to keep the lunges unbroken throughout the entire workout. Finish up each round with a small set of push-ups.  Use the strictest standard you are capable of and maintain that throughout the workout even if you need to add some rest as the rounds accumulate.


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